Thursday, 25 March 2010

George Osborne - In The Shadows Chancellor?

When I started doing this blog I didn't expect the first posts to be dominated by the one and only Boy George. The Tory's Invisible Man.

We've just had the last Labour budget before the general election and try as I might, I just can't find Georgy Boy anywhere - surely this was his opportunity to shine, to put the salient points, the put Darling to the sword.... but no. Anyone who watched the budget may recall seeing a boyish looking oik sat next to Dave, gurning occasionally, pointing and guffawing, and , for the most part, having a look of total confusion all over his face.

If you look hard you may find a video of our George on The Blue Blog.... and also on a Tory website wanting your ideas for responding to the budget - because obviously he has none of his own.

A strange day for our Georgy Boy then.... oh wait a minute, he's just appeared on the Conservative website - at midnight on the day after the budget........says it all really.

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