Monday, 29 March 2010

Is Osborne's Tax Cut A Vain Bid To Save His Own Skin?

Is our Boy George seriously thinking that the way to tackle the public debt is a tax cut? Or is he putting forward this "barmy" proposal in order to shore up his stock with grassroots Tories?

It's no secret that the Boy George has suffered his critics over the past few weeks, Tory Journos in the Mail and the Telegraph have been on the attack saying that he is not up to the job. Dave has even been moved to state, just before a general election no less, that he would sack Boy George if he had to. The Tory Big Beast, Ken Clarke has been pushed to the fore on economic issues as Boy George's stock has been falling......what does an oik do in these circumstances, come out fighting with a policy that's bound to please that's what!

We all know that the Tories will always cheer tax cuts to the rafters, but right now after all the ire heaped on the Government for allegedly not tackling the deficit quickly enough?

Looking through Dave's speeches on the issue I am particularly drawn to the one he made on 23rd November 2009, just after the Queen's Speech;

Under the imposing headline "David Cameron: Tackling the deficit is not an alternative to economic growth" our Dave goes on to state;

"They've got to put an end to the politics and electioneering - like last week's Queen's Speech, which contained billions of pounds of unfunded spending commitments...

...and put the country first.

That's what the Conservatives are doing.

Today, we're in the extraordinary position of having a government that is behaving like an irresponsible opposition...

...and an opposition that is behaving like a responsible government."

It's nice to see that the Tories have regained the mantle of "irresponsible opposition"

So why this and why now? Is it a case of the Tories electioneering, yes would be the obvious answer, but an alternative would be that this is Osborne's last chance, pandering to the Tory Party rather than the electorate, in order to shore up his own position within his own party.

Electioneering in the run up to a general election can be forgiven. However, electioneering by putting forward policies which are in direct conflict with what you have been arguing for months in order to head off criticism from your own ranks is irresponsible beyond belief.

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