Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Polls Polls and More Polls - Do We Need Them?

By the time we get to the General election no doubt the country would have had its fill of opinion polls and predictions. What are the electorate to make of all the polling that goes on - do the polls lead opinion as some think, or are they just a snapshot of the views of the electorate at a particular point in time? Should the UK consider a ban on polls like some other democracies do? Of course, there would be advantages and disadvantages to such a ban. The advantages would include the fact that political journalists would have at least 50% of their material removed from them at a stroke. What would they do with their time? Perhaps more in-depth interviews would be undertaken with local candidates, perhaps there would be more in-depth discussion with the electorate? Policy might be analysed with more vigour? With more space and airtime available how would an election be covered in the absence of any opinion polling, say for about two weeks? Interesting....

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