Monday, 15 March 2010

Tax Payers Alliance & The Tories on Public Sector Non Jobs

I see the tax-payers (Tory) alliance have done a spoof of the excellent UNISON advert about job cuts in the public sector, but of course, the tax payers alliance talk about non-jobs in the public sector asserting that "There are plenty of non-jobs in the public sector" and stating that money can be saved whilst nit affecting essential services.

Interestingly this is their list of non-jobs in the public sector; interestingly when you look at the jobs below the following themes are obvious

  • anything involved in Green Issues, biodiversity, sustainability etc...a non job
  • anything to do with healthy living, healthy schools etc.. a non job (Jamie Oliver will be pleased!)
  • If you're involved in PR, media, communications, marketing're not worth a bean.. a non-job
  • Cultural activities, the arts, drama...all non-jobs
  • If equal opportunities and equalities is your bag, forget it, the Tories will sack you - you're in a non-job!

Mind & Nutrition Leader
Media & Corporate Communications Officer
Police Authority Press Officer
Enviro-Crime Enforcement Officer
Diversity & Inclusion Manager
Play Strategy Manager
Healthy Schools Adviser
Head of Low Carbon programme
Head of Communications
Media Adviser
Totem Pole Artist
Personal Best Adviser
CCTV Enforcement Manager
Community Space Challenger
Senior Play Ranger
Tobacco Alliance Co-ordinator
Sustainability Events Officer
Gypsy & Traveller Liaison Officer
PR & Marketing Specialist
Street Football Co-ordinator
RDA National Evaluation Manager
Biodiversity Officer
Environmental Arms Length Body
Marketing/Audience Development manager
Equalities Project Officer
Dance Development Officer
Cultural Officer
Neighbourhood Co-ordinator
World Cup Co-ordinator
Resident Involvement Manager

Whilst we can all have a chuckle at some of these titles these are real people making a difference in communities, usually poorer communities (Healthy schools etc...).

Once again we see the Tory battle cry in full flow - if you're disadvantaged, poor or marginalised in society, you're on your own mate!


  1. They just show themselves to have no understanding of the value of services provided by the public sector. Jobs like "dramatherapist" may sounds silly but the value they can have in rehabilitating individuals with mental health is huge. That's just one example, there are loads more.

  2. Very true. But what really is disturbing is the targets, equalities, sustainability etc...I suppose it shoulodn't be surprising but A Tory Government would take this country back 30 years in attitudes...