Sunday, 14 March 2010

Tories and Telegraph pushing Sam Cam as Cameron's "secret weapon"

Both Matthew D'Ancona (arguably the journalist who gets Cameron more than most) and Andrew Porter The Telegraph's Tory front line journo are both pushing the TV interview with Samantha Cameron tonight as continuation of the "brand detoxification" of the Tory party.

It is interesting that both journalists are keen to push Cameron's wife to the fore of the election campaign - Indeed, Porter seems to have his finger on the pulse of the Tory campaign and if he prints it, it usually happens.

How should Labour respond? Of course it would be suicide to attack Mrs Cameron herself, and rightly so, particularly as Mrs Sarah Brown has also entered more into the limelight herself, with great success. So how to handle this personalisation of Dave and his image?

Stick to Policy? yes, of course, there is growing evidence that the voters still don't know what the Tories stand for....

Do a "Demon eyes" kind of campaign? Behind smiling Dave there is a hoard of unreconstructed right-wing barbarians waiting for their chance to pounce....this is essentially the "Same Old Tories" argument which does chime with the electorate.....

But what about doing.......nothing, and maybe even complimenting the Cameron's on their obviously close relationship and their love for each other.........this is what they want to portray and who can (or should) argue with that.

Governing the country is a serious business and having a happy and stable family life will no doubt help, but does it amount to a great hill of beans....honestly?

Both D'Ancona and Porter say that elections are won with the heart first and then the head.....Labour should respond to this with their heart - and show the electorate we have one too.

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