Thursday, 18 March 2010

The Words " Piss Up" & "Brewery" come to mind....

Tory Candidates and MPs seem to be complaining that the Tory campaign is er.....

"...complicated", "..vague" and ...."random"


No wonder many commentators are predicting a 1992 election scenario. If the Tories can't get their act together on policy issues then why should the electorate trust them?

I suppose this is not surprising as Oliver Letwin (or the "mad professor") is in charge of Tory Policy...

Let's have a look at their policies a little more closely.

The Tory Policy on technology proposes the creation of "..a government skunkworks"...interesting.

In the Tory Rail Review - "getting the best (sic) for passengers" they say;

We also believe that establishing a regular forum attended
by key decision-makers in Network Rail’s regional team
and the operators of open access, freight and passenger
services in the relevant area could also promote
partnership working and help coordinate work on issues
such as customer service, passenger feedback,
performance improvement, project delivery, safety issues
and punctuality. We considered carefully whether such
arrangements necessitated new legal structures but prefer
the less formal approach of the “virtual regional boards”

So, er....that's clear then....well virtually

And on crime - whilst the Tories bang on about CUTTING PAPERWORK for the Police they go on to say;

So we will oblige the police to publish detailed local crime data statistics every month

So er... more paperwork then....

No wonder one Senior Tory MP said it was "pretty uninspiring" will be

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