Thursday, 1 April 2010

Tories look more and more like a Club for Boys!

Today's support for the Tory Tax Cuts may be business as usual - shock/horror, bosses support the Tories! but interestingly every single one of the Corporate Bosses that put their name to the letter in today's Daily Telegraph were businessMEN - all men. Previously on this blog I've raised an issue or three about the fact Dave has some way to go to put his party's house in order with regard to women. Also many of the groups who support the Tories are also male-dominated (The Young Britons Foundation for one, see earlier post here

Many polls and surveys are currently saying that Labour is losing the votes of women - and it was women who helped return Labour to Government at the last three elections. Perhaps Labour needs to seek to expose the apparent Tory gender bias in its supporters for it could be the women that win it for Labour again.