Sunday, 27 March 2011

Vince Cable - a Contradiction

Interesting to hear Vince Cable on the Politics show today... he said the following;

"No government - coalition, Labour or any other - would change its fundamental economic policy simply in response to a demonstration of that kind."

Interestingly, he said the following in private to the Daily Telegraph Journalists posing as constituents last year;

"There is a lot of things happening. There is a kind of Maoist revolution happening in a lot of areas like the Health Service, local government, reform, all this kind of stuff, which in danger of getting out of... We are trying to do too many things, actually. Some of them are Lib Dem inspired, but a lot of it is Tory inspired. Actually, the problem is not that they are Tory-inspired, but that they haven’t thought them through. We should be putting a brake on it."

Make your own conclusions from this - I have and hopefully thousands of other voters and in particulr public sector workers will conclude, like me, that there is a rotten core at the heart of this Coalition Government and they need rejecting and ejecting, before it is too late.

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