Sunday, 8 January 2012

Letter to the Guardian


I am writing to complain about a worrying trend in the Guardian and that is the articles that are opened up for reader's comments and those which are not. It is noticeable that when there is a critical story about the coalition or more pointedly David Cameron or Nick Clegg in person, invariably the article is not open for reader's comments. However, critical coverage of the Leader of the Opposition (of which there seems to be more of late) is almost always open to reader's comments. The most recent example being a comparison between the two articles surrounding Ed Miliband's twitter typo ("Blackbusters") and the Prime Minister's apology for his Tourettes jibe at Ed Balls. Both the articles about Miliband are open to comment the single article about Cameron isn't. Perhaps you could explain why this is the case - and more worryingly, why this is the case most of the time?


Andrew Freeman

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